Voice Services --> Traditional

Now, you have stepped in to one of our wheel houses without even knowing it.  We have been delivering voice services to the business community for a decade with traditional voice products such as T1's, PRI's, and B1's.

The traditional voice platform in the Aero world gives you access to an all you can eat voice platform over a stable, tried, tested, and true platform running on the best selling voice switch platform in the telecommunications industry.

Our pricing is extremely competitive and our coverage is growing very quickly beyond Freeport, IL.......just ask one of our customers like the Furst McNess Company who is leveraging our national footprint to tie their voice services together.

With the ability to terminate traditional voice services all over the country we growing a TDM platform that is being abandoned by many for the new kid on the block, SIP trunking.  We do that also but nothing like the stability of running your voice and fax services over a traditional voice T1.


Give us a call today for pricing and we can review with you the extensive list on site phone system we have the ability to interface with......there aren't many we don't so you are more than likely safe.



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