T1 Services

In 1998, several owners of Aero Internet Services, Inc. formed a second company known as Aero Communications, LLC.  Aero Communications LLC. applied for and obtained CLEC status in the stat of Illinois.  CLEC stands for Competitive Local Exchange Carrier.  Essentially, we became a competing local phone company licensed to operate in the state of Illinois.  In 2009, Aero Communications LLC. was split into two different CLEC companies.  Aero Communications, LLC. and Aero North Communications, LLC.  Aero Group, Inc. now fully owns and operates Aero North Communications, LLC and provides many voice and data services.

Traditional Voice T1

If you are looking for a local company to provide traditional PRI or channelized T1 services to your on site PBX, Aero Group, Inc. can provide these services to you.  Aero has been reliably providing these services to local businesses for the past 10 years.  Our long distance and international plans have saved many local businesses money.  In 2010, Aero purchased a new state of the art Class 4/5 telephone switch from Metaswitch Corporation in order to provide our customers unsurpassed telephony features.  If you are wanting to save money or leverage new business class features, for your on site PBX, Aero is the place to go.


T1 Data Services

Not only has Aero been providing T1 voice services, but Aero can and does provide many local businesses with T1 data services.  Whether it is T1 internet services, or T1 point to point services, Aero can provide it to you.  While we understand that T1 internet capacities are limited in today's world, many times we find these are still being used as alternate connections to the internet to separate a company's remote VPN data traffic from their site to site VoIP traffic.  Keeping the traffic separate often helps maintain a higher level of voice quality when calling between remote branches.

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