Managed Network Services

Businesses today are seeing value in a Managed Services approach to managing their technology needs.IT Departments are often tasked with keeping up with the ever-changing, and often times frustrating, world of technology.Because of this, businesses see their valuable IT human capital being sucked into the black hole that is network maintenance, printer issues, software licensing and updating, and an entire host of tasks that keep them from what they do best – ensuring their people use the technology in a way that makes them productive, and profitable.

The challenge of hiring (and keeping) the right people is becoming increasingly difficult.That’s where Aero’s Managed Services can help. 

Using industry-leading software and high-end systems, Aero’s talented group of network engineers are able to proactively resolve issues in a timely, efficient, and secure manner – often times before the user realizes that an issue exists.You don’t just get the talent of a single person, but our entire team of specially trained and experienced network engineers who eat, sleep, and breathe technology.

Budgeting becomes easier too, as Aero’s Managed Services program provides our customers with a flat-rate monthly fee – regardless of how many hours are spent on your network, remotely or on-site, and regardless of how many calls you make to our support center.

Call us at 815-233-3387 to schedule an appointment with one of our Managed Service professionals to find out why so many companies are moving toward Managed Services, and why Aero has moved to the Managed Service platform of service delivery.


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