E-Mail Solutions

Aero Group, Inc. offers business clients a suite of different solutions to fit their individual E-mail needs.  We realize that not every business is the same, and we listen to ensure the right solution is implemented.  For instance, some clients absolutely need shared calendars between office personnel, while others  simply need basic E-mail services.  Some organizations want to outsource their E-mail services, while others want their own localized E-mail server.  No matter what your need, the professional engineers at Aero can provide the solution that fits your business.  Aero Group, Inc. has over 15 years of experience in the E-mail service providing industry.  No other local provider can deliver the experience and expertise that Aero can; that's why some of the largest organizations in Northwest Illinois rely on Aero with one of the most critical methods of communication.

Hosted E-Mail Services

For those organizations who do not wish to invest in or require an on-site E-mail server, Aero has a solution for you.  For a low monthly fee, Aero will host an E-mail server for your domain.  Pricing is dependent on the number of mailboxes contained within the domain.  For pricing, please E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  If you need help obtaining a domain for your organization, for a one time fee, the engineers at Aero will work with you to register the domain and point the E-mail to our hosted server.  Your PC's will then be configured to point to our hosted server to send and receive E-mail using the newly created domain.  Spam and virus protection services are included in the monthly service and spam level protection can be configured at the domain level or as granular as the individual mailbox.  Aero has hundreds of local organizations using this service and we have been providing it since the late 1990's.

Spam & Virus Protection Services

This service is specifically designed to help our local businesses filter out the thousands of spam and viruses that are sent via E-mail everyday before it ever gets to your local E-mail server.  For those businesses that have had to deal with this issue, you know it can be a time-consuming and daunting task.  This service derived out of our extensive list of business clients who have their own E-mail servers and do not want the hassle of dealing with the spam and virus issues that occur on a daily basis.  The engineers at Aero work with you to change the delivery of your E-mail to flow through Aero owned spam servers where the E-mail is filtered prior to being delivered to your on-site E-mail server.  Spam level protection can be configured at the domain level or as granular as the individual mailbox.  Messages that are considered spam or a virus are placed into a quarantine on the Aero servers and are not delivered to your server.  Your users can then check their own personal quarantine mailbox via an intuitive web browser interface.  Messages that may have inadvertently been quarantined can then be released and delivered to your real E-mail inbox via the web quarantine interface.

On-site E-Mail Server Installation

The engineers at Aero not only can help you register your own domain, filter for spam and viruses, but also will help your organization to install and configure your own on-site E-mail server.  No other technology company in the region has more experience in the installation, configuration, and individualized training when it comes to Microsoft Exchange.  For a one time consulting fee, Aero will help you install your own on-site E-mail server, configure the local PC's to use the server, register the domain, configure the server to use the domain, and provide your organization a turnkey installation from end to end.  It's not rocket science to us.



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