Virtualized Server Hosting

Have you been told recently that you need to upgrade your server hardware for your new software application that was just released?

Well, if you haven't heard this yet, you will soon.  Enter the solution, virtualized servers.  With the excess capacity of today's hardware you can easily have multiple software application servers running on one physical server.  We already have the physical server (including data backup solution).  All we have to do is carve out the space needed for one or more servers for you. 

Has a software application upgrade ever went horribly wrong for you or your organization causing loss of data or lost hours?  The Aero Group has the solution for you.  Our "Virtualized Server Hosting" service gives you the flexibility to upgrade your application software when it fits your time schedule and not necessarily being forced to upgrade your application software when convenient for someone else.  With our "Virtualized Hosted Server" services, we can "clone" your existing server, run the application software upgrade and if it goes wrong, merely revert back to the original server image within minutes with a no harm no foul situation.  Doing an application software upgrade in this manner allows you to be assured that you will not lose data and you will not have unwanted business interruption.

Ideally located in downtown Freeport, IL in a brick building inside of an Agricultural company your system and data will be secured. We provide all the power and bandwidth you need and sit on a huge generator and no one knows where we are so your information is safe and secure.

Life is good in Freeport and things are a little slower which is the ideal place for your virtualized servers to be housed and we have excess internet capacity to boot so getting to your applications and data will seem as if it is sitting in the room next door.

If you would like to know if you are currently near our fiber services or would like to find out more about this service, please give us a call at 815-233-3387.

Servers just sit there anyway and make a bunch of racket.........choose to reduce noise pollution in your office and give us a call today.

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