Seriously, all you want is someone knowledgeable to talk to when things aren't functioning properly.  So just give us a call.  Isn't that why you came to this support page anyway?  To find our number and give us a call?


When you call us please listen to the annoying auto attendant so we can get you to the correct person in the most efficient manner possible to help you.  If by chance we are out working with Civil, Morse, Freeport School District, the Monroe Clinic, Stephenson County, The City of Freeport, Furst McNess, Berner Foods or Mrs. Jablonski.......please.....just leave a message.  Our phone system like many of yours, e-mails our technicians a WAV file of your message where they receive it on their Smart Phones so they can listen to it whether they are in the office or at a customer site.  Of course, it they are driving between customer sites, they won't listen to it until they can pull over as that would be against company policy, illegal and dangerous.


With that said: 

We will get back to you..........thanks for letting us serve you and helping you get past this moment of frustration.


Don't forget to Smile.....


and remember, if your business phone system can't e-mail you a WAV file, we have a solution for you.  ;)


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