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So what is Unified Communications?  Well, not sure that anyone has completely figured that out.  So if you're confused, join the club.  Essentially, we believe that Unified Communications can be a suite of products that "unifies" an organizations communications and/or processes.  In some cases, the technical solution to achieve "unified communications" across an organization may be a single product, such as Microsoft Lync.  In many cases it may be a suite of products such as Hosted Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, Lync, combined with our Hosted PBX solution.  In some cases, the PBX manufacturers have all or a part of the "unified communications" software necessary to instant message, show presence, and have a consolidated inbox for voice-mail and fax.  No matter what your need, the Aero Group can provide it for you.  Whether it is installing our suite of products, or helping to integrate your PBX "unified communications" platform, we have the staff to help you.


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