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Are you tired of investing in new phone systems every few years?  Are you tired of having to schedule an on-site phone technician every time your business environment changes?  Do you have his or her number taped to your monitor?  This just shouldn't be.  Wouldn't it be nice if you could purchase a new phone, receive it and install it all without having to pay for an on-site visit from a technician.  Now you can.  With our "Hosted PBX" solution, all you need is connectivity to the internet and you can be up and running literally within a few hours.  It's that simple.  We simply schedule a "teleconference" with you to determine how you want your call flows to be built, we ship you the phones, you plug them in to any internet based connection and your business calls start flowing.

Over the past ten years, Aero Group, Inc. has installed many local area businesses on our "Hosted PBX" services.  Just recently, we were awarded a large "Hosted PBX" project that has nearly 350+ local extensions.  We were awarded this project because when it comes to IP PBX systems, whether "Hosted" or On-Site, Aero has unsurpassed experience in implementing IP telephony systems in Northwest Illinois.   So no matter if you have a business with 2 extensions or 400, Aero is the right choice for you.

Have you ever tried moving your business?  There's so much to do.  The last thing you want to do is to purchase a new phone system for the new building and have to call a technician to install the lines, etc...  Then, on moving day (which is usually Saturday), you will probably be paying time and a half for that technician to be on site to "fix" any nuances that arise at the last minute.  Well, not so with the "Hosted PBX" services that Aero Group, Inc. has to offer.  If you need to move offices for whatever reason, all you need to do is unplug your phone and move it just as you would your PC.  Once it is on site at your new location, plug it back in, make sure you have internet connectivity, and your phones are back up and running in a new office doing the same call routing as they did before.  WOW...what a time saver.  One less thing to have to worry about with your move.  So.... you're probably thinking this is just propaganda.  No, it's really not.  This is exactly what happened to a business customer of ours who had over 30 phones in the office.  They literally picked up the  phones and moved their entire system over the weekend all without any intervention from us.  Now that's putting the power of your business where it YOUR hands.

For more information on this service and the world class business telephony features it offers, please contact us at 815-233-3387 or e-mail us at: sales@aeroinc. net.



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