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The Aero Group, Inc. has almost ten years of experience with installing On-Site business class IP based telephony PBX systems.  Since the Aero Group, Inc. is a full fledged telephone company licensed to operate in the state of Illinois, we are not only able to sell you an On-Site business class IP PBX, but the phone service as well.  All at VERY competitive rates.  Since we are a smaller company, we have less overhead to deal with which usually means lower costs to you.  Whether your business is located in Freeport, IL., or somewhere else in the United States, we can provide you, the necessary consulting services, installation services, and phone services to do all or part of your telephony project.  We have some clients who just want us to install the On-Site PBX and get their phone service from a different provider, while we have other clients who have us do the entire project from start to finish including our phone service. 

So what differentiates The Aero Group, Inc. from other system integrators?  Well simply put, we not only have the expertise to install your system, but we have the expertise to install our own telephone switch in our central office which is much more complex of an install than any On-Site PBX.  Most integrators that you might work with who say they are selling you phone service, really aren't.  They are merely a reseller of a national phone service provider.  Basically, a middle man.  Not so with us.  We can sell local service to the Freeport, IL. area and surrounding communities.  We only "resell" national phone services when our clients need to reach out further than the local region.  For example, if you have an office in Colorado, Florida, and Freeport.

So why go with an On-Site PBX vs. "Hosted PBX" service.  There are certain times when On-Site PBX's are more preferred than using "Hosted PBX" services.  We have found that under typical circumstances, when a business has more than seven local extensions in one office, that office should consider placing an IP PBX system On-Site.  Well...why is that the case?  Well here's why.  Maybe your business is located in a rural area and internet is at a premium or your internet connection is not stable, an on-site PBX is the right choice for you.  Another common reason to choose an on-site PBX instead of a "Hosted" PBX solution is price.  Most "Hosted PBX" service providers price each extension as if it were a traditional phone line.  For instance, if you have 10 extensions and each extension is priced at $19.95/month, your monthly charge is $199.50.  However, if you know that most of your extensions are seldom used, this model seems fairly high priced.  Especially if you never make more than two simultaneous calls.  With an on-site PBX, you can still have all 10 extensions, but only order two lines from your local carrier saving you money.

Just a few years ago, a rather large client came to us and asked us to implement a new phone system.  Since the client was going to have 250+ local extensions, it only made sense that they should have an On-Site PBX solution.  Not only were we able to provide them with an On-Site PBX, but we implemented a scenario where the PBX backed up it's configuration to a server located in our NOC every night using the internet as the transport.  Of course, after developing that scenario for that customer, we have implemented that solution for every On-Site PBX that we sell.  So rest assured if you purchase an On-Site system from us, we backup the configuration and if the hardware fails, we can merely "slap down" the configuration onto a new server, send it out to you and you are back up and running.

To talk with someone within our sales team regarding what an On-Site IP PBX system can do for you, please call us at 815-233-3387 or e-mail us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


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