Smith Family New House - Page 5



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Mid October. Time has flown since the last photo. The trees and brush in front of the house have now been cleared away. Even the stumps were removed by StumpBuster! Nice clumps of trees remain along the old fence line.

The trees we picked out in late August arrived! We have 5 larger trees - English Oak, Sugar Maple, Silver Maple, Hackberry, and Locust trees. Plus, there are two small Autumn Burst maple trees that are supposedly to have very colorful leaves in the fall. You cannot see them in this photo, but we have also planted an apple orchard (twelve trees). In years to come, we'll have McIntosh, Golden Delicious, and Honey Crisp.

We've been spending time picking out flooring. Katy and Corine even came home with their room light fixtures that they selected. Plus, they picked out their very own carpet for their rooms. This is a picture of the kitchen tile. No cabinets yet, but they are in the garage ready to be installed. Painting has been done. It was hard to believe how many gallons of paint were needed.

The main bathroom is being tiled in this picture. The owner of Poggioli Flooring (Dan Poggioli) is in the back arranging tile. He does nice work!

What a beautiful November day. The project of grading the lawn and road bank has been worked on the weekend before Thanksgiving. In the spring it will be ready to remove rocks and plant grass. Inside the house is nearing completion with the carpet in place, light fixtures hung, door handles and knobs, etc. It's almost home now.