How you can help Pecatonica's


The Pecweb is a community home page "focal point'' for the internet. Commercial space is not sold or provided. It is solely for the promotion of the Pecatonica area through the internet, and providing commercial and residential links. All links are provided free. It is done with 100% volunteer work. The Internet space is provided by Pecatonica's Internet provider, Aero Internet. We encourage community participation in this volunteer endeavor to help project the traditional values unique to our community. There are many ways to help;

1. Get a Home Page! You can have your own home page and link it to the pecweb! Aero provides home pages for FREE ! for residential subscribers and reasonable monthly rates for commercial. It's easy and fun to publish your own home page. You can have photos, text, or anything you want! Look at the Pecweb links page and see the home pages listed. Yours should be there too! Not everything on your home page has to be public. You can publish subpages that can be viewed only by persons knowing the URL that you provide! Just call Aero, ask for a free user page and give them the name of your page and password. It's that easy! Organizations are encouraged to open a free user page too. Any organization is eligible. Just call Aero and ask for your free organization user page.
2. Link your home page! Contact Ed Smith to add your homepage link to the Pecweb. It's free, even if you are on AOL or some other provider!
3. Provide material or data! We need photos of interest to the community. We can scan them in a few minutes and give them back to you. Also, we need stories with or without pictures. For instance, The written history of the individual churches can be easily added to their pecweb page. Anyone with a computer can write it. We prefer MS Word .htm or .html format, because it is most compatible, and will load into the viewers quickly. Get it to Ed Smith, and he will publish it to the appropriate pecweb page.
4. Give us ideas! What else would you like to see on your community home page? Tell us. Together we can do it!
5. Spread the word! Tell your out of town friends and relatives where to find Pecweb ( on the internet. If you had a home page you can exchange photos, etc.