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June 5 - The walls are up! The back porch roof is being framed in.

June 5 - Front view before June 7 when the crane arrived to put the trusses up.

June 10 - What a cool day. The high was only in the 60's. The night before there was plenty of rain and thundershowers. Sandra is standing in front. The trusses were put on the house with a big crane the morning of June 7.

June 10 - Same front view, but taken from Grove Road. The field in front is a wheat field which is just beginning to turn a slight yellow.

June 10 - South view from Grove Road.

June 10 - West view from Spielman Road. You are looking at the back of the house. The hay field was just bailed a few days ago. You can see a bale on the left side.

June 21 - The roof had been completed on the house. This is a view of the back of the house. Now they are working on the plumbing rough-in and jackhammering the basement floor for heating duct.


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