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Mid July - Ed is going to build his retaining wall. See all the heavy block that he ordered! It came during the hottest part of the summer. The heat index was greater than 100 degrees!! He got a total of 200 bags of cement - 80 pounds each.

They started laying brick. The back of the house was started first. Ed would delivery lemonade and fruit punch to the bricklayers and workers. They liked seeing him then.

The brick layers could only build 6 feet heighth a day so the mortar would dry for a day.

August 2006. Pictured is the master bricklayer, Mike Harris. Ed insisted that he lay a row of brick. He is the owner of the company and hadn't layed brick for over a decade.

Mike stated that you never lose your touch - it's like riding a bike. Watch him go. This is the front of the house.


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